Authors: Bachmann, Daniel
Bökler, Fritz
Kopec, Jakob
Popp, Kira
Schwarze, Björn
Weichert, Frank
Title: Multi-objective optimisation based planning of power-line grid expansions
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: German nuclear power phase out in 2022 leads to significant reconstruction of the energy transmission system. Thus, efficient identification of practical transmission routes with minimum impact on ecological and economical interests is of growing importance. Due to the sensitivity of Germany’s public to grid expansion (especially in case of overhead lines), the participation and planning process needs to provide a high degree of openness and accountability. Therefore, a new methodological approach for the computer-assisted finding of optimal power-line routes considering planning, ecological and economic decision criteria is presented. The approach is implemented in a tool-chain for the determination of transmission line routes (and sets of transmission line route alternatives) based on multi-criteria optimisation. Additionally, a decision support system, based on common Geographic Information Systems (GIS), consisting of interactive visualisation and exploration of the solution space is proposed.
Subject Headings: multi-objective optimisation
energy transmission
decision support
power-line routing
interactive visualisation
Subject Headings (RSWK): Mehrkriterielle Optimierung
Issue Date: 2018-06-29
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