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dc.contributor.authorBraun, Franziska-
dc.contributor.authorOrlowsky, Jeanette-
dc.contributor.authorBrüggerhoff, Stefan-
dc.description.abstractThe visual appearance of building structures is an important attribute which reflects the character and identity of a region. Due to the influence of weathering, the surfaces of building stones alter, leading to aesthetic changes of the material surface such as discoloration or darkening. In this study, near-surface regions of weathered Baumberger (BST), Schleeriether (SST), and Obernkirchener Sandstones (OKS) have been analyzed at the microscopic scale in order to investigate the intensity and the extent of visual as well as structural changes and how both can be a ected due to the presence of surface treatments with hydrophobing agents. It could be detected that aesthetic changes appeared already after 2 years of outdoor exposure, with the slightest variations on BST surfaces, followed by SST and OKS. The use of hydrophobing agents leads to a reduction in surface darkening in the short term. After long-term weathering, no significant changes are visible, as similar values in total color di erence (DE*) were measured. Biogenic growth and the formation of black weathering crusts are the main reasons for color alterations in the case of the examined stones. The surface damages occur especially on calcareous (BST) followed by clayey (SST) and quartzitic (OKS) stone surfaces.de
dc.relation.ispartofseriesHeritage;3, 457–473-
dc.subjectnatural stonede
dc.subjecthydrophobic agentsde
dc.subjectlong-term weatheringde
dc.subjectweathering damagesde
dc.subjectcolor alterationsde
dc.subjectstructural changesde
dc.titleAnalyzing surface near regions of hydrophobic and long-term weathered natural stones at microscopic scalede
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eldorado.secondarypublication.primarycitationHeritage. 2020, 3, 457–473de
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