Authors: Napierala, Oliver
Title: Tiefzieh-Verbundfließpressen
Other Titles: Analyse, Bauteileigenschaften und Potentiale
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: The Europe-wide efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will lead to an increased demand for composite components in the field of mobility and energy distribution. Combined deep drawing and cold forging, called Draw-Forging, has the potential to meet the demand for mass production of these composite parts. Draw-Forging enables the manufacturing of composite shafts from a core- and a sheet metal semi-finished product by a combination of deep drawing and extrusion. The focus of the basic research is on the manufacturing of steel-clad aluminium shafts. A comprehensive process window can be determined on the basis of the experiments. Four possible process failures are determined. During the deep drawing process, the force required to upset the core material must not be less than or equal to the force required to deep draw the blank. Furthermore, the process defects, crack of the blank, gap between blank and core and not sufficient formed component head are observed. The process errors can be reliably prevented by the specific selection of the process parameters. The developed analytical model for predicting the punch force required is able to predict the punch force with deviations of less than 16%. The model is robust against variations of the geometry and material parameters and can be used for the tool design. In addition, it gives an insight into the process mechanics. Furthermore, both a force fit and a form fit, caused by the deep drawing and redrawing part of the process, were determined. Establishing a material bond by the use of aluminium-steel pairing could be ruled out based on experimental and numerical results. The joining strength is larger than 40% of the shear yield stress of the aluminium. Alternative material-pairings, chip-cores, double stepped shafts manufactured by process extension of conventional redrawing, are explored demonstrating the technological potential of the process. In the course of this research the Expanding-Draw-Forging was developed and the patent is submitted. By utilizing annular blanks, it is possible to cover each step of a shaft with a shell material that meets the load requirements of the step.
Subject Headings (RSWK): Fließpressen
Welle <Maschinenbau>
Numerisches Verfahren
Issue Date: 2021-03-18
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