Authors: Langenfeld, Kai
Möhring, Kerstin
Walther, Frank
Mosler, Jörn
Title: Modeling gradient‐enhanced anisotropic ductile damage
Other Titles: application to low cycle fatigue
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Low cycle fatigue is in general associated with large plastic strains accompanied by the formation and coalescence of pores. Considering continuum damage mechanics, many local constitutive models for ductile damage can be found in the literature. These local models however, that do not involve any length scale, lead to mesh dependent results. In order to regularize these local models, the micromorphic approach will be applied. Within this talk, it will be shown that the standard micromorphic approach is not suitable to regularize the underlying ductile damage model. A modified version will be therefore proposed and compared to the standard approach. This modified model will be extended to low cycle fatigue and its capabilities will be shown.
Subject Headings (RSWK): Ermüdung bei niedrigen Lastspielzahlen
Plastische Deformation
Belastung <Mechanik>
Issue Date: 2021-01-25
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