Authors: Witt, Carina
Kaiser, Tobias
Menzel, Andreas
Title: An isogeometric finite element approach to fibre-reinforced composites with fibre bending stiffness
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: In the modelling of fibre-reinforced composites, it is well established to consider the fibre direction in the stored energy in order to account for the transverse isotropy of the overall material, induced by a single family of fibres. However, this approach does not include any length scale and therefore lacks in the prediction of size effects that may occur from the fibre diameter or spacing. By making use of a generalised continuum model including non-symmetric stresses and couple-stresses, the gradient of the fibre direction vector can be taken into account as an additional parameter of the stored energy density function. As a consequence, the enhanced model considers the bending stiffness of the fibres and includes information on the material length scale. Along with additional material parameters, increased continuity requirements on the basis functions follow in the finite element analysis. The isogeometric finite element method provides a framework which can fulfil these requirements of the corresponding weak formulation. In the present contribution, the method is applied to two representative numerical examples. At first, the bending deformation of a cantilever beam is studied in order to analyse the influence of the fibre properties. An increasingly stiff response is observed as the fibre bending stiffness increases and as the fibre orientation aligns with the beam’s axis. Secondly, a fibre-reinforced cylindrical tube under a pure azimuthal shear deformation is considered. The corresponding simulation results are compared against a semi-analytical solution. It is shown that the isogeometric analysis yields highly accurate results for the boundary value problem under consideration.
Subject Headings: Isogeometric analysis
Fibre bending stiffness
Fibre curvature
Generalised continuum
Gradient elasticity
Subject Headings (RSWK): Isogeometrische Analyse
Issue Date: 2020-09-07
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