Authors: Alt, Tobias
Schmidt, Marcus
Title: The ANHEQ evaluation criteria: introducing reliable rating scales for assessing Nordic Hamstring Exercise quality
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Background: The Nordic Hamstring Exercise (NHE) is very popular for selective eccentric hamstring strengthening. However, NHE-related research is hindered by insufficient details about implementation and reporting. Available tools to assess study quality (e.g., PEDro or TESTEX scale) are too unspecific to account for the specific demands of NHE. Therefore, this study aimed to introduce two rating scales for Assessing Nordic Hamstring Exercise Quality (ANHEQ) of assessment and intervention studies. Methods: Eighteen graduated sports scientists, sports physiotherapists and elite coaches with scientific experience independently evaluated the quality of published NHE studies via ANHEQ scales, each comprising eight items and a maximal 13-point score. Inter-rater agreement was analyzed by using criterion-based reference values, while Krippendorff´s alpha determined inter-rater reliability. Systematic differences of the summated ANHEQ scores were determined using Friedman tests. Results: Inter-rater agreement was 87 ± 5% for NHE assessments and 88 ± 6% for interventions with single items ranging from 71 to 100%. Alpha values for inter-rater reliability ranged from fair (.250) to perfect (1.00) depending on the item. Total ANHEQ scores revealed coefficients of .829 (almost perfect) and .772 (substantial) without significant inter-rater differences (p = .292). Conclusions: The ANHEQ scales are suitable tools to rate NHE execution quality and data presentation. They facilitate a comprehensive review of NHE-related evidence and potentially improve the design and reporting of future NHE studies.
Subject Headings: Evaluation tool
Eccentric resistance training
Hamstring strength
Execution quality
Subject Headings (RSWK): Beinmuskulatur
Issue Date: 2021-12-11
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