Authors: Zweihoff, Philip
Title: Aligned and collaborative language-driven engineering
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Today's software development is increasingly performed with the help of low- and no-code platforms that follow model-driven principles and use domain-specific languages (DSLs). DSLs support the different aspects of the development and the user's mindset by a tailored and intuitive language. By combining specific languages with real-time collaboration, development environments can be provided whose users no longer need to be programmers. This way, domain experts can develop their solution independently without the need for a programmer's translation and the associated semantic gap. However, the development and distribution of collaborative mindset-supporting IDEs (mIDEs) is enormously costly. Besides the basic challenge of language development, a specialized IDE has to be provided, which should work equally well on all common platforms and individual heterogeneous system setups. This dissertation describes the conception and realization of the web-based, unified environment CINCO Cloud, in which DSLs can be collaboratively developed, used, transformed and executed. By providing full support at all steps, the philosophy of language-driven engineering is enabled and realized for the first time. As a foundation for the unified environment, the infrastructure of cloud development IDEs is analyzed and extended so that new languages can be distributed on-the-fly. Subsequently, concepts for language specialization, refinement and concretization are developed and described to realize the language-driven engineering approach, in a dynamic cluster-based environments. In addition, synchronization mechanisms and authorization structures are designed to enable collaboration between the users of the environment. Finally, the central aligned processes within the CINCO Cloud for developing, using, transforming and executing a DSL are illustrated to clarify how the dynamic system behaves.
Subject Headings: Domain-specific languages
Online IDE
Code generation
Subject Headings (RSWK): Domänenspezifische Programmiersprache
Issue Date: 2022
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