Authors: Amro, Lubna
Pauly, Markus
Ramosaj, Burim
Title: Asymptotic-based bootstrap approach for matched pairs with missingness in a single arm
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The issue of missing values is an arising difficulty when dealing with paired data. Several test procedures are developed in the literature to tackle this problem. Some of them are even robust under deviations and control type-I error quite accurately. However, most of these methods are not applicable when missing values are present only in a single arm. For this case, we provide asymptotic correct resampling tests that are robust under heteroskedasticity and skewed distributions. The tests are based on a meaningful restructuring of all observed information in quadratic form–type test statistics. An extensive simulation study is conducted exemplifying the tests for finite sample sizes under different missingness mechanisms. In addition, illustrative data examples based on real life studies are analyzed.
Subject Headings: Matched pairs
Missing values
Parametric bootstrap
Quadratic forms
Issue Date: 2021-07-08
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