Authors: Wolter, Veronique
Dohle, Miriam
Sobo, Lisa
Title: Physical activities for older adults: are local co-operations of sports clubs and care partners an option to increase access?
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Group-based physical activity brings high and long-term added value for the participants. Especially for older adults in need of care, this development is dependent on interdisciplinary thinking and the networking of local structures. Studies underline the consideration of the communication and access options that are needed to be able to promote the target group’s health through exercise programmes. Sports clubs are repeatedly mentioned as competent partners in health promotion, but in municipal practice—possibly due to very different basic structures to the system of care—they receive less attention. The project Moving Nursing Homes and Care Providers (2019–2022) is coordinated by the State Sports Federation of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Local sports clubs cooperate with providers of outpatient and inpatient care to start new sports programs for older adults in need of care. As part of the scientific evaluation, the perspectives involved are equally considered and their motives and needs are analysed. For this paper, four conducted qualitative interviews with representatives of sports clubs were analysed with the focus on opportunities and barriers for local partnerships between sports clubs and care. Results show structural and personal parameters that have to be looked at from the beginning. Local networks are essential for sports clubs to get in contact with potential partners and to reflect initiated processes. Although aspects of (financial) organisation is an often named topic, sports clubs have the opinion that they have the social responsibility to influence developments in their neighbourhood for all generations positively.
Subject Headings: Demographic change
Health-promoting setting
Equal access to physical activity
Resource-orientated activity
Subject Headings (RSWK): Bevölkerungsentwicklung |
Partizipation |
Gesundheitsförderung |
Bewegung |
Issue Date: 2021-10-13
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