Authors: Banke, Marius
Lenger, Stephanie
Pott, Christiane
Title: ESG ratings in the corporate reporting of DAX40 companies in Germany: effects on market participants
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This study identifies to what extent DAX40 companies integrate ESG rating information into their reporting and whether the disclosure of ESG ratings results has a positive impact on professional and non-professional stakeholders, and thus represents a benefit for the reporting company. Our study shows that 82.5% of DAX40 companies report ESG rating results and we find that the disclosure of ESG rating results is a useful method for reporting companies (compared to non-reporters), as it leads to higher stock prices and better reputations. Considering that ESG rating results can differ substantially among different agencies, therefore, even companies with mixed ESG rating results benefit from reporting. In addition, our results support the literature that non-professional stakeholders use low-threshold information offers as an information channel. We show that companies that additionally report their ESG rating results on company websites generate higher reputation scores compared to companies that do not report their rating results on their websites.
Subject Headings: CSR reporting
ESG rating
professional stakeholders
non-professional stakeholders
Subject Headings (RSWK): Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Governance
Issue Date: 2022-08-08
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