Authors: Möller, Frederik
Stachon, Maleen
Azkan, Can
Schoormann, Thorsten
Otto, Boris
Title: Designing business model taxonomies – synthesis and guidance from information systems research
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Classification is an essential approach in business model research. Empirical classifications, termed taxonomies, are widespread in and beyond Information Systems (IS) and enjoy high popularity as both stand-alone artifacts and the foundation for further application. In this article, we focus on the study of empirical business model taxonomies for two reasons. Firstly, as these taxonomies serve as a tool to store empirical data about business models, we investigate their coverage of different industries and technologies. Secondly, as they are emerging artifacts in IS research, we aim to strengthen rigor in their design by illustrating essential design dimensions and characteristics. In doing this, we contribute to research and practice by synthesizing the diffusion of business model taxonomies that helps to draw on the available body of empirical knowledge and providing artifact-specific guidance for building taxonomies in the context of business models.
Subject Headings: Taxonomy
Business model
Literature review
Business model taxonomy
Subject Headings (RSWK): Taxonomie
Automatische Klassifikation
Issue Date: 2021-12-29
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