Authors: Bendig, David
Hensellek, Simon
Schulte, Julian
Title: Beneficial, harmful, or both? Effects of corporate venture capital and alliance activity on product recalls
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Despite growing numbers of corporate venture capital (CVC) deals and alliances, their effectiveness is not guaranteed. This paper investigates the positive and negative impacts of CVC and alliance activity on product safety under different levels of market turbulence. Using a resource-based learning perspective and panel data from large U.S. firms, we find that both CVC and alliance activity have inverted U-shaped relationships with product recall likelihood. Market turbulence moderates both relationships, but differently. We discuss how learning theory complements the resource-based view to understand why no or rather bold external venturing are less harmful than small-scale “stuck-in-the-middle” initiatives.
Subject Headings: Product recalls
Corporate venture capital
Resource-based view
Learning theory
Market turbulence
Issue Date: 2023-01-13
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