Authors: Asgari, Mojtaba
Schmidt, Marcus
Terschluse, Benedikt
Sueck, Maximilian
Jaitner, Thomas
Title: Acute effects of the FIFA11+ and Football+ warm-ups on motor performance. A crossover randomized controlled trial
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Introduction: Few studies including contradictory results have addressed the acute effects of the 11+ on motor performance, indicating a potentially reduced applicability of the program for warming up before competitions. This study aims to compare the acute effects of a soccer-specific warm-up (Football+) and the 11+ on motor performance. Materials and methods: Thirty-eight volunteer collegiate players (22 males; age = 21.1±1.9 years, height = 1.81± 0.06 m, weight = 73.4± 9.5 kg; 16 females; age = 21.3±1.5 years; height = 1.71± 0.07 m, weight = 67.8± 8.5 kg) underwent the 11+ and the Football+ in a randomized crossover design with a one-week washout. The Football+ starts with a self-estimated 40–50 percent running, followed by dynamic stretching of the hip muscles, shoulder contact, controlled lunge, Copenhagen exercise, and modified Nordic hamstring exercise. The second part involves roughly intensive small-sided games, followed by plyometric and anaerobic exercises in the third part. The warm ups’ effects on performance were determined by a linear sprinting test (20 m), countermovement jump performance (CMJ), Illinois agility (IA), and dribbling speed (DS) tests. Within-subject differences were reported as the means and SD. Pairwise t tests at the significance level of p<0.05 were used to calculate the significant differences. Results: Overall, except for the CMJ (mean = -0.43±3.20 cm, p = 0.21, d = -0.13), significant differences for the 20 m sprint (mean = 0.04±0.10 s, p = 0.005, d = 0.42), IA (mean = 0.65±0.45 s, p = 0.01, d = 1.43), and DS (mean = 0.60±1.58 s, p = 0.012, d = 0.38) were observed. In females, significant differences observed only for IA (mean difference = 0.52±0.42 s, p<0.001, d = 1.24) and DS (mean difference = 1.29±1,77 s, p = 0.005, d = 0.73), with the Football+ showing superiority. In males, significant differences were found only for 20 m sprinting (mean difference = 0.06±0.09, p = 0.005, d = 0.60) and IA (mean difference = 0.74±0.46, p<0.001, d = 1.62), with the Football+ having superiority. Discussion: Although practicable for injury prevention, the 11+ may not optimize acute performance and prepare players for high-intensity physical tasks as well as a well-structured, roughly intensive warm-up. Further gender-specific studies should evaluate the long-term effects of the Football+ on performance and injury prevention.
Subject Headings (RSWK): Sport
Issue Date: 2023-04-20
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