Authors: Cwiekala, Nils
Traphöner, Heinrich
Haupt, Peter
Clausmeyer, Till
Tekkaya, A. Erman
Title: Analytical model of the in-plane torsion test
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: In research and industry, the in-plane torsion test is applied to investigate the material behaviour at large plastic strains: a sheet is clamped in two concentric circles, the boundaries are twisted against each other applying a torque, and simple shear of the material arises. This deformation is analysed within the scope of finite elasto-plasticity. An additive decomposition of the Almansi strain tensor is derived, valid as an approximation for arbitrary large plastic strains and sufficiently small elastic strains and rotations. Constitutive assumptions are the von Mises yield criterion, an associative flow rule, isotropic hardening, and a physically linear elasticity relation. The incremental formulation of the elasticity relation applies covariant Oldroyd derivatives of the stress and the strain tensors. The assumptions combined with equilibrium conditions lead to evolution equations for the distribution of stresses and accumulated plastic strain. The nonzero circumferential stress must be determined from the equilibrium condition because no deformation is present in tangential direction. As a result, a differential-algebraic-equation (DAE) system is derived, consisting of three ordinary differential equations combined with one algebraic side condition. As an example material, properties of a dual phase steel DP600 are analysed numerically at an accumulated plastic strain of 3.0. Radial normal stresses of 3.1% and tangential normal stresses of 1.0% of the shear stresses are determined. The influence of the additional normal stresses on the determination of the flow curve is 0.024%, which is negligibly small in comparison with other experimental influences and measurement accuracies affecting the experimental flow curve determination.
Subject Headings (RSWK): Torsionsversuch
Plastische Deformation
Differential-algebraisches Gleichungssystem
Zerstörende Werkstoffprüfung
Issue Date: 2022-01-24
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