Authors: Heuer, Herbert
Wühr, Peter
Title: The impact of speed-accuracy instructions on spatial congruency effects
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: In many tasks humans can trade speed against accuracy. This variation of strategy has different consequences for congruency effects in different conflict tasks. Recently, Mittelstädt et al. (2022) suggested that these differences are related to the dynamics of congruency effects as assessed by delta plots. With increasing delta plots in the Eriksen flanker task congruency effects were larger under accuracy set, and with decreasing delta plots in the Simon task they were smaller. Here we tested the hypothesis for a single task, making use of the observation that for the Simon task delta plots decline when the irrelevant feature is presented first, but increase when the relevant feature leads. The differences between congruency effects under speed and accuracy instructions confirmed the hypothesized relation to the slope of delta plots. In fact, for similar delta plots in the compared speed-accuracy conditions, the relation should be a straightforward consequence of the shorter and longer reaction times with speed and accuracy set, respectively. However, when relevant and irrelevant features were presented simultaneously, congruency effects were stronger under speed set at all reaction times. For this condition, a supplementary model-based analysis with an extended leaky, competing accumulator model suggested a stronger and longer-lasting influence of the irrelevant stimulus feature. The congruency effects for reaction times were accompanied by congruency effects for error rates when delta plots were decreasing, but not when they were increasing.
Subject Headings: Accuracy
Simon effect
Model-based analysis
Subject Headings (RSWK): Genauigkeit |
Geschwindigkeit |
Kongruenz | Psychologie
Issue Date: 2023-08-23
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