Authors: Dette, Holger
Melas, Viatcheslav B.
Pepelyshev, Andrey
Title: Optimal designs for statistical analysis with Zernike polynomials
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The Zernike polynomials arise in several applications such as optical metrology or image analysis on a circular domain. In the present paper we determine optimal designs for regression models which are represented by expansions in terms of Zernike polynomials. We consider two estimation methods for the coefficients in these models and determine the corresponding optimal designs. The first one is the classical least squares method and Φp-optimal designs in the sense of Kiefer (1974) are derived, which minimize an appropriate functional of the covariance matrix of the least squares estimator. It is demonstrated that optimal designs with respect to Kiefer’s Φp-criteria (p > −∞) are essentially unique and concentrate observations on certain circles in the experimental domain. E-optimal designs have the same structure but it is shown in several examples that these optimal designs are not necessarily uniquely determined. The second method is based on the direct estimation of the Fourier coefficients in the expansion of the expected response in terms of Zernike polynomials and optimal designs minimizing the trace of the covariance matrix of the corresponding estimator are determined. The designs are also compared with the uniform designs on a grid, which is commonly used in this context.
Subject Headings: D-optimality
Image analysis
Optimal design
Zernike polynomials
Issue Date: 2006-08-07T12:11:16Z
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