Authors: Lüdeke, Andreas
Title: Entwurf und Aufbau effizienter Zustandsdiagnostik für das Booster-Synchrotron Bodo
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: This thesis is about general methods for the design of efficient controls, with the application of the state diagnostic of the booster Bodo at the Dortmunder Electron Test Accelerator facility DELTA. Hardware for the booster diagnostic were developed. Data aquisition software as well as graphical user interfaces for the data visualisation were designed and programmed. General rules for efficient accelerator controls were explained by the implementation of the control interfaces. Finally measurements of the dynamical optical properies of the booster - using the developed tools - are shown.
Subject Headings: Synchrotron
Dynamischer Zustand
Issue Date: 1999-07-12
Provenance: Universität Dortmund
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