Authors: Liening, Andreas
Mittelstädt, Ewald
Wiepcke, Claudia
Title: RETURN - employability and E-Learning: start working effectively after parantal leave
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Doing business today means that one encounters new challenges: globalisation, mastery of advancements in information and communication technology, and adaptation to increasing buyer’s markets. For companies to compete in this environment, they must manage their knowledge and human capital effectively, which includes on-going on-the-job training for employee competency and skill mastery. Employees returning after parental leave are a special target group for this training: they need to quickly regain their employability. However, conventional corporate learning arrangements are often difficult for this target group, due to time and location restrictions. RETURN was developed as an answer to this problem - a human resources training program that aims to qualify employees at the end of parental leave to start working more effectively. Common goals of RETURN are to bring participants’ technical and computer skills up-to-date, obtain necessary competencies in information and communication technology (ICT), keep participants’ tuned into what is going on in the workplace and reduce training time requirements on the job, as well as to improve self-confidence, help participants’ balance work and family responsibilities, and to create a learning culture and a positve attitude towards life-long learning. To test the extent to which RETURN can prove successful in these areas, an empirical survey (2004 - 2006) was implemented. It was revealed that participants exhibited a high rate of acceptance and satisfaction with the RETURN program, and that an average RETURN-course carries its own weight (costs) fivefold in terms of ROI.
Subject Headings: 360-degree evaluation
Blended learning
Gender mainstreaming
Return on investment
Vocational training
Issue Date: 2007
Provenance: The International Journal of Learning
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