Authors: Scheen, Jürgen
Title: Einfluss des C:N:P-Verhältnisses auf die Bildung von Biofilmen
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: The effects of different nitrogen concentrations in a submerge medium to the development of biofilms have been evaluated. Nitrogen was added in eight several concentrations. The inoculation was done with a natural mix population. A special biofilm-reactor arrangement and a synthetic medium has been developed to create the biofilms reproducible. Multiple parameters were monitored to characterize changes in bacterial biofilm (water- oxygen- hydrogen- nitrogen- carbon- carbohydrate- protein- colonized forming units (cfu)- calcium- phosphate- matters) and extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). The results showed increased significance of different nitrogen availableness in synthetic media to the composition of produced biofilms and EPS. The water- nitrogen- carbohydrate- protein- cfu- and calcium-contents in biofilms are depended from the available nitrogen. The contents of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and phosphate are not influenced by the available nitrogen.
Subject Headings: Biofilme
Issue Date: 2003-08-18
Provenance: Universität Dortmund
Appears in Collections:Fachgruppe Biologie und Didaktik der Biologie

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