Suter, Dieter Prof. Dr. : [127]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-11-16Quantification of complementarity in multi-qubit systemsSuter, Dieter; Peng, Xianhua; Xhu, Ziewen; Du, Jiangfeng; Liu, Maili; Gao, Kelin
2005-11-01Autler-Townes effect in a strongly driven electromagnetically induced transparency resonanceSuter, Dieter; Yang, Lijun; Zhang, Lianshui; Li, Xiaoli; Han, Li; Fu, Guangsheng; Manson, Neil B.; Wei, Chiangjiang
2005-06Efficient implementations of the quantum Fourier transformSuter, Dieter; Dorai, Kavita
2005-06-06Planar microresonators for EPR experimentsSuter, Dieter; Narkowicz, R.; Stonies, R.
2005-06-24Correlating NQR transitions of ground and excited electronical statesSuter, Dieter; Klieber, Robert
2005-06-23Experimental demonstration of efficient and selective population transfer and qubit distillation in a rare-earth-metal-ion-doped crystalSuter, Dieter; Klieber, Robert; Rippe, Lars; Nilsson, Mattias; Kröll, Stefan
2005-05-31Light-induced Knight shifts in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wellsSuter, Dieter; Fustmann, S.; Eickhoff, M.
2005-03-28Quantum and classical parallelism in parity algorithms for ensemble quantum computersSuter, Dieter; Banzhaf, Wolfgang; Stadelhofer, Ralf
2004-12-13High resolution spectroscopy of yellow 1S excitons in Cu2OSuter, Dieter; Fröhlich, D.; Dasbach, G.; Baldassari Höger von Högersthal, G.; Stolz, H.; Bayer, M.; Klieber, R.
2005-02-10Anisotropic effective exciton mass in Cu2OSuter, Dieter; Dasbach, G.; Fröhlich, D.; Stolz, H.; Klieber, R.; Bayer, M.
2005-01-05Quantum phase transition of ground-state entanglement in a Heisenberg spin chain simulated in an NMR quantum computerSuter, Dieter; Peng, Xinhua; Du, Jiangfeng
2004-12-30Hole-burning techniques for isolation and study of individual hyperfine transitions in inhomogeneously broadened solids demonstrated in Pr3+:Y2SiO5Suter, Dieter; Nilsson, M.; Rippe, L.; Kröll, S.; Klieber, R.
2004-08-24Scaling of decoherence in wide quantum registersSuter, Dieter; Krojanski, Hans G.
2004-07-27Wave-vector-dependent exchange interaction and its relevance for the effective exciton mass in Cu2OSuter, Dieter; Klieber, R.; Fröhlich, D.; Stolz, H.; Dasbach, G.; Bayer, M.
2004Quantum ComputingSuter, Dieter; Stolze, Joachim
2004Orientational Information from Unoriented Metalloproteins by Optically Detected Electron Paramagnetic ResonanceSuter, Dieter; Enkisch, Birgit; Gutschank, Jörg
2003-11-06Pulsed optically detected NMR of single GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum WellsSuter, Dieter; Eickhoff, Marcus
2003-09-04Wave-Vector-Dependent Exciton Exchange InteractionSuter, Dieter; Dasbach, G.; Fröhlich, D.; Klieber, R.; Stolz, H.; Bayer, M.
2003-08-26All-optical measurement of nuclear-spin relaxation. In: Physical ReviewsSuter, Dieter; Klieber, Robert; Michalowski, Andreas; Neuhaus, Rudolf
2003-07-24K-dependent Exchange Interaction of Quadrupole Excitons in Cu2OSuter, Dieter; Klieber, R.; Dasbach, G.; Fröhlich, D.; Stolz, D.; Bayer, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 127