Authors: Stolze, Joachim
Brandt, Uwe
Title: Ground states of the Triangular Ising model with two-and three-spin interactions
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The possible ground state spin configurations of an Ising model on a plane triangular lattice are investigated. The model incorporates competing interactions between spins at nearest and next-nearest neighbour sites as well as a coupling between three spins at the vertices of a nearest-neighbour triangle, and an external magnetic field. Models of this type are frequently used to describe the structures of adsorbate layers on hexagonal substrates. The analysis is based on linear inequalities involving the magnetization, two- and three-spin correlations, and on simple convexity arguments. Part of the inequalities needed are proved with the aid of a computer. For vanishing three-spin coupling the results of earlier studies are confirmed; in addition, the resulting seven topologically distinct structures are shown to be unique. Two of these structures are energetically degenerate; the degeneracy cannot be lifted by any further two-spin interaction. For nonzero three-spin coupling only an "almost complete" solution is given, involving four additional spin configurations. The "ground state phase diagrams" are discussed.
Issue Date: 1986-11
Provenance: Springer-Verlag
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Citation: Brandt, Uwe; Stolze, Joachim: Ground States of the Triangular Ising Model with Two- and Three-Spin Interaction. In: Zeitschrift für Physik B Nr. 4, Jg. 64(1986), S. 481-490, doi: 10.1007/BF01312843.
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