Authors: Antonioli, D.
Bischof, R.
Delini-Stula, A.
Fauchère, P.-A.
Mullor, R.
Title: The first experience with a mini-rating scale for the assessment of sexual dysfunction and life-satisfaction in depressed patients in the practice
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Even though many scales for the assessment of sexual dysfunction have been recently developed, most of them are suitable rather for the research purpose in clinical trials than to routine interviews in a daily, private practice. We report here the first experience with a simple, semi-quantitative scale for parallel assessment of sexual dysfunction and life-satisfaction (considered to globally reflect the quality of life), which was tested in depressed patients treated in the psychiatric, private practice setting. A combined Sexual Dysfunction(SD-S) and Life-Satisfaction Scale (LS-S), was constructed based on previous interviews with patients. Both consisted of 4-items, assumed to represent core elements of sexual function and individual well-being. The scales were applied to depressed patients treated with any of the SSRIs or with moclobemide, a reversible and selective MAO-A inhibitor. These two treatments were selected for testing the scales because it is known that SSRIs can induce or exacerbate them and moclobemide does not seem to affect them. The selection of treatment modality in this study was, however, entirely at the discretion of the physician. The assessments were done during 3 visits (at baseline, after 2 months and after 4 months). The results of this exploratory trial, testing the applicability, acceptance and utility of a combined mini- SD-S- and LS-S- scale, in 62 depressed patients, showed that the scale: a) was simple to use and well accepted by physicians and patients, b) was a suitable instrument for the practicing physician to control the success of the treatment and c) was sensitively assessing the presence and severity of sexual dysfunction.
Subject Headings: depression
sexual dysfunction
sexual dysfunction scale
Issue Date: 2004-08-11
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