Authors: Bolt, Hermann M.
Habdous, Mohammed
Haddy, Nadia
Herbeth, Bernard
Lambert, Daniel
Ponthieux, Anne
Siest, Gérard
Thier, Ricarda
Visvikis, Sophie
Title: Smoking, genetic polymorphisms of glutathione S-transferases and biological indices of inflammation and cellular adhesion in the STANISLAS study
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: A recent clinical study has focused on: 1- the interaction between genetic variants of glutathione S-transferases M1 and T1 (GSTM1 and GSTT1) and smoking on the risk of cardiovascular diseases, 2- the potential capacity of GSTM1 and T1 genotypes in modifying the effect of smoking on inflammation and endothelial function. In this study, we investigated whether carriage of these 2 polymorphisms altered the smoking impact on biological indices of inflammation and cellular adhesion. White blood cell count (WBC), albumin, C-reactive protein (CRP), interleukine-6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a), L-selectin, E-selectin, P-selectin and intracellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1) were measured in 189 non-smokers and 76 smokers (aged 20-55 years) genotyped for the GSTM1 and T1 polymorphisms. Accounting for age and sex, smokers lacking GSTM1 had a higher WBC count, CRP and ICAM-1 levels as compared to the other groups; interaction term between smoking and genotype being significant (p=0.05). Conversely, non-smokers lacking GSTM1 had a higher levels of TNF-a; the test for interaction being significant (p=0.05). No significant interaction was found between smoking and GSTT1 genotypes, considering the 9 biological indices. However, significantly lower levels of IL-6 were noticed for non-smokers with GSTT1-0 null allele (p=0.05). Our study confirms previous results showing that GSTM1 polymorphism could modulate the interrelationships between smoking and biological markers of inflammation and endothelial function.
Subject Headings: adhesion
glutathione S-transferase polymorphism
Issue Date: 2004-09-13
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