Authors: Wiepcke, Claudia
Title: Employability in the Bologna process: an area of tension between society, businesses and students
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The concept of employability plays an increasingly important role in the political discussion, especially in the educational context of the Bologna Process. The emergence of this topic has to be considered against the background of different developments: Restructuring of labour markets and classes of business, changed economic requirements, internationalisation, europeanisation of educational policy etc. Thus, the discourse about employability is an expression of ongoing changes, which do not only affect the state and businesses, but also individuals. This article considers the question, which requirements result from the focussing of courses of studies on the employability of their graduates for universities. It will be inquired, how not only the state and businesses, but also individuals are affected by the employability strategy
Subject Headings: Bologna Process
Economic Education
Subject Headings (RSWK): Berufspädagogik
Issue Date: 2009-07
Provenance: International Journal of Learning
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