Authors: Greiving, Stefan
Kemper, Raimund
Title: Integration of Transport and Land Use Policies
Other Titles: State of the Art
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: This report is a part of the results of the EU project TRANSLAND (see Berichte aus dem Institut für Raumplanung 46). The project investigated innovative approaches to the integration of land-use and transport planning in urban regions. In the report the potentials and problems of this integration in different national and regional contexts are presented under the assumption that sufficient information about the institutional framework (planning systems and planning cultures) are essential for an assessment of the transferability of promising approaches. For this purpose land-use and planning polices are classified into five policy areas: investment, planning, regulation, pricing and informal policies. Different kinds of barriers to the integration of land-use and transport planning are examined and best-practice examples of successful implementation are presented.
Issue Date: 1999-11
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