Authors: Schürmann, Carsten
Talaat, Ahmed
Title: Towards a European Peripherality Index
Other Titles: Final Report
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Accessibility and peripherality indicators are used to measure the location performance of cities and regions. In particular after the improvements of the pan-European transport networks it becomes an important political issue to measure the success and effectiveness of these projects to identify those regions, whose accessibility is still low and who still need additional political assistance. The first part of the final report gives a short problem statement (Chapter 1) and general introduction into the theoretical concepts of accessibility and peripherality indicators (Chapter 2). Secondly, the concept of this study will be described. After that, the database established, the output indicators as such (Chapter 3) and selected relevant results of the study will be discussed (Chapter 4). Selected results were also incorporated into the recently published cohesion report of the European Commission and can be downloaded from the Inforegio Home page of the European Commission.
Issue Date: 2000-11
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