ICHSF 2010 : [32]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-09-16Welding and forming of sheet metals by using magnetic pulse welding (MPW) techniqueAizawa, Tomokatsu; Kashani, Mehrdad; Okagawa, Keigo
2010High Speed Forming 2010Zittel, G.; Schäfer, R.; Pasquale, P.; Chelluri, B.; Knoth, E.; Woodward, S.; Weddeling, G.; Daehn, G. S.; Psyk, V.; Carson, B.; Tekkaya, A. E.; Shang, J.; Wilkerson, L.; Hatkevich, S.; Babusci, K.; Daehn, G.; Marré, M.; Tekkaya, A. E.; Weddeling, C.; Zhang, Y.
2010Electromagnetic pulse forming technologyPasquale, P.; Schäfer, R.
2010A Historical Review of High Speed Metal FormingZittel, G.
2010Powder Forming Using Dynamic Magnetic CompactionChelluri, B.; Knoth, E.
2010Commercialization of Fuel Cell Bipolar Plate Manufacturing by Electromagnetic FormingDaehn, G. S.; Hatkevich, S.; Shang, J.; Wilkerson, L.
2010Agile Production of Sheet Metal Aviation Components Using Disposable Electromagnetic ActuatorsCarson, B.; Daehn, G.; Psyk, V.; Tekkaya, A. E.; Weddeling, C.; Woodward, S.
2010Investigation of the Electrohydraulic Forming Process with respect to the Design of Sharp Edged ContoursBeerwald, C.; Homberg, W.; Pröbsting, A.
2010Pressure heterogeneity in small displacement electrohydraulic forming processesDaehn, G. S.; Fenton, G.; Vohnout, V. J.
2010Measurements of Pressure Fields with Multi-Point Membrane Gauges at Electrohydraulic FormingKnyazyev, M. K.; Zhovnovatuk, Ya. S.
2010Joining of Copper to Brass Using Magnetic Pulse WeldingBaaten, T.; Debroux, N.; De Waele, W.; Faes, K.
2010Impact Welding in a Variety of Geometric ConfigurationsBabu, S.; Daehn, G. S.; Zhang, Y.
2010Modelling Pulse Magnetic Welding ProcessesUhlmann, E.; Ziefle, A.
2010Fundamentals of EMPT-WeldingElsen, A.; Groche, P.; Ludwig, M.; Schaefer, R.
2010Insights into intermetallic phases on pulse welded dissimilar metal jointsBeyer, E.; Brenner, B.; Göbel, G.; Herrmannsdörfer, T.; Kaspar, J.
2010Development of design principles for form-fit joints in lightweight frame structuresBrosius, A.; Daehn, G. S.; Marré, M.; Nellesen, J.; Psyk, V.; Tekkaya, A. E.; Tillmann, W.; Weddeling, C.; Woodward, S.
2010Impulse Hydroforming Method for Very Thin Sheets from Metallic or Hybrid MaterialsBeerwald, C.; Beerwald, M.; Dirksen, U.; Henselek, A.
2010Effects of Force Distribution and Rebound on Electromagnetically Formed Sheet MetalImbert, J.; L'Eplattenier, P.; Worswick, M.
2010Warm Electromagnetic Forming of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy SheetArroyo, A.; Eguiy, I.; Gutiérrez, M. A.; Hurtado, I.; Ulacia, I.
2010Texture Evolution of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Sheet at High Strain RatesDudamell, N. V.; Gálvez, F.; Hurtado, I.; Letzig, D.; Pérez-Prado, M. T.; Ulacia, I.; Yi, S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 32