Authors: Ferreira, Manuel
Raabe, Nils
Rautert, Christian
Weihs, Claus
Title: Statistical process modelling for machining of inhomogeneous mineral subsoil
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Because in the machining process of concrete tool wear and production time are very cost sensitive factors the adaption of the tools to the particular machining processes is of major interest. We show how statistical methods can be used to model the influences of the process parameters to the forces affecting the workpiece as well as the chip removal rate and the wear rate of the used diamond. Based on these models a geometrical simulation model can be derived which will help to predetermine optimal parameter settings for specific situations. As the machined materials are in general abrasive, usual discretized simulation methods like Finite Elements Models can not be applied. Hence our approach is another type of discretization namely subdividing both material and diamond grain into their Delaunay tessellations and interpreting the resulting micropart connections as predetermined breaking points. Then the process is iteratively simulated and in each iteration the interesting entities are computed.
Issue Date: 2012-11-05
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