Authors: Chaitra, K. L.
Ulaganathan, Kayalvili
James, Anita
Ananthapur, Venkateshwari
Nallari, Pratibha
Title: miRNA regulation during cardiac development and remodeling in cardiomyopathy
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: miRNAs have been found to play a major role in cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disorder characterized by cardiac dysfunction. Several miRNAs including those involved in heart development are found to be dysregulated in cardiomyopathy. These miRNAs act either directly or indirectly by controlling the genes involved in normal development and functioning of the heart. Indirectly it also targets modifier genes and genes involved in signaling pathways. In this review, miRNAs involved in heart development, including dysregulation of miRNA which regulate various genes, modifiers and notch signaling pathway genes leading to cardiomyopathy are discussed. A study of these miRNAs would give an insight into the mechanisms involved in the processes of heart development and disease. Apart from this, information gathered from these studies would also generate suitable therapeutic targets in the form of antagomirs which are chemically engineered oligonucleotides used for silencing miRNAs.
Subject Headings: miRNA
signaling pathways
Issue Date: 2013-11-26
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