Authors: Bai, Hongzhi
Wang, Hui
Sun, Junde
Irfan, Muhammad
Han, Mei
Huang, Yuqian
Han, Xiaori
Yang, Qian
Title: Production, purification and characterization of novel beta glucosidase from newly isolated Penicillium simplicissimum H-11 in submerged fermentation
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: β-Glucosidase is an important component of the cellulase complex. It not only hydrolyzes cellobiose and short-chain cellooligos accharides to glucose, but also removes the inhibitory effect of cellobiose on the β-1, 4-endoglucanase and exoglucanase, thereby increasing the overall rate of cellulose biodegradation. β-glucosidasefrom culture supernatant of a fungus Penicillium simplicissimum was purified to homogeneity, by using ammonium sulfate fraction, Sephadex G-100 chromatography, and its properties were studied. The molecular mass of the enzyme was about 126.0 kDa, as identified by 12% SDS-PAGE. The optimum pH and temperature were 4.4 ~ 5.2 and 60°C, respectively. The enzyme was stable in pH 5.2 ~ 6.4 and under 40°C. Metal profile of the enzyme showed that Mn2+ enhances its activity, while Cu2+, Co2+ and Fe3+ cause obvious inhibition. The Km and Vmax was 14.881 mg/ml and 0.364 mg ml/min against salicin as a Substrate. This enzyme had secondary protein structure as evidenced by FTIR spectrum.
Subject Headings: β -Glucosidase
Penicillium simplicissimum
Issue Date: 2013-06-13
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