Authors: Iuldasheva, Alina
Malafeev, Aleksei
Editors: Kubis, Andreas
Rehtanz, Christian
Shapovalov, Anton
Hilbrich, Dominik
Plota, Ewa
Title: Electricity supply reliability of the industrial enterprises with local power plants and the outage cost evaluation
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: In this article, the algorithm of reliability evaluation of electricity supply systems operation is presented. It includes evaluation of the reliability of consumer’s electricity supply and the reliability of power generation by the local power plants. Proposed algorithm is based on the method of sequential network reduction and allows calculating the reliability indices of the selected consumer or of the certain point of power distribution. This algorithm is implemented in the program complex (PC) KATRAN. The calculation of reliability indices allows assessing the consumer’s outage cost and the interruption costs of the enterprise’s power plants.
Subject Headings: electricity supply reliability
electricity supply interruption costs
sequential network reduction
power flow direction
reliability indices
Issue Date: 2015-01-14
Is part of: Power and Energy Student Summit(PESS) 2015, January 13th-14th, Dortmund Germany
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