Authors: Linke, Franz
Marten, Anne-Katrin
Westermann, Dirk
Editors: Kubis, Andreas
Rehtanz, Christian
Shapovalov, Anton
Hilbrich, Dominik
Plota, Ewa
Title: Parametrierung einer kontinuierlichen DC-Spannungsregelcharakteristik für vermaschte HGÜ-Netze
Language (ISO): de
Abstract: The energy turnaround caused a lot of challenges for the power system as well in the distribution level as in the transmission level. For the transmission level significant distances between areas of high renewable generation, storage capacities and centers of load require a bulk power transmission. As the existing transmission system is not designed for such tasks, a suitable solution is a meshed HVDC grid spanning the existing AC grid. Most state of the art methodologies for controlling DC node voltages can provoke DC oscillations due to their points of discontinuity. This paper proposed a new continuous local control characteristic and presents a methodology for its parameterization according to available AC balancing control capabilities.
Subject Headings: HGÜ
kontinuierliche Regelcharakteristik
Issue Date: 2015-01-14
Is part of: Power and Energy Student Summit(PESS) 2015, January 13th-14th, Dortmund Germany
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