Authors: Schindler, Jakob
Romeis, Christian
Jaeger, Johann
Editors: Kubis, Andreas
Rehtanz, Christian
Shapovalov, Anton
Hilbrich, Dominik
Plota, Ewa
Title: Calculation of the Electric Field below Hybrid Overhead Lines
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The demand for increased transmission capacities in Germany will be covered in part by high voltage direct current (HVDC) lines. In order to reduce the need for new corridors, hybrid systems with AC and DC circuits together on the same tower are planned. Therefore, the characteristics of such arrangements need to be studied. In the first part of this paper, electromagnetic coupling mechanisms between overhead lines are summarized. Next, the method of image charges as a way to calculate the electric field around overhead lines is presented. The method is then used to analyze the electric field on ground level below three different hybrid line configurations.
Subject Headings: HVDC
electric field
hybrid line
Issue Date: 2015-01-14
Is part of: Power and Energy Student Summit(PESS) 2015, January 13th-14th, Dortmund Germany
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