Authors: Bowden, Roger J.
Posch, Peter N.
Ullmann, Daniel
Title: Dual disadvantage and dispersion dynamics for income distributions
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Income distribution has been a longstanding focus of social and economic interest, but never more so than in recent times. New metrics for disadvantage and spread enable a more precise differentiation of directional asymmetry and dispersion, drawing on an internal contextual perspective. The dual metrics for asymmetry and spread can be plotted over time into a phase plane, enabling comparative social welfare perspectives over time and between countries. The methods are utilised to study the dramatic changes that took place in Europe prior to and after the GFC. Major differences are revealed. In terms of asymmetry and spread, some countries have been fallers (lower in both) while other countries are risers.
Subject Headings: asymmetry
social welfare function
partition entropy
income inequality
economic disadvantage
Issue Date: 2016
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