Authors: Crespo Yanguas, Sara
Willebrords, Joost
Maes, Michaël
da Silva, Tereza Cristina
Veloso Alves Pereira, Isabel
Cogliati, Bruno
Zaidan Dagli, Maria Lucia
Vinken, Mathieu
Title: Connexins and pannexins in liver damage
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Connexins and pannexins are key players in the control of cellular communication and thus in the maintenance of tissue homeostasis. Inherent to this function these proteins are frequently involved in pathological processes. The present paper reviews the role of connexins and pannexins in liver toxicity and disease. As they act both as sensors and effectors in these deleterious events connexins and pannexins could represent a set of novel clinical diagnostic biomarkers and drug targets.
Subject Headings: connexin
acute liver injury
liver cancer
Issue Date: 2016-02-25
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