Ergebnisberichte des Instituts für Angewandte Mathematik : [74]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2020Locally bound-preserving enriched Galerkin methods for the linear advection equationKuzmin, Dmitri; Hajduk, Hennes; Rupp, Andreas
Jan-2020Optimal control of perfect plasticity Part I: Stress trackingMeyer, Christian; Walther, Stephan
Dec-2019The Concept of Prehandling as Direct Preconditioning for Poisson-like ProblemsRuda, Dustin; Turek, Stefan; Zajac, Peter; Ribbrock, Dirk
Dec-2019Matrix-free subcell residual distribution for Bernstein finite elements: Monolithic limitingHajduk, Hennes; Kuzmin, Dmitri; Kolev, Tzanio; Tomov, Vladimir; Tomas, Ignacio; Shadid, John. N.
Dec-2019A time-simultaneous multigrid method for parabolic evolution equationsDünnebacke, Jonas; Turek, Stefan; Zajac, Peter; Sokolov, Andriy
Dec-2019Basic Machine Learning Approaches for the Acceleration of PDE Simulations and Realization in the FEAT3 SoftwareRuelmann, Hannes; Geveler, Markus; Ribbrock, Dirk; Zajac, Peter; Turek, Stefan
Dec-2019Simulating two-dimensional viscoelastic fluid flows by means of the “Tensor Diffusion” approachWestervoß, Patrick; Turek, Stefan
Nov-2019The "Tensor Diffusion" approach for simulating viscoelastic fluidsWestervoß, Patrick; Turek, Stefan; Damanik, Hogenrich; Ouazzi, Abderrahim
Nov-2019Numerical Simulation and Benchmarking of Drops and BubblesTurek, Stefan; Mierka, Otto
Sep-2019Optimal control of an abstract evolution variational inequality with application to homogenized plasticityMeinlschmidt, Hannes; Meyer, Christian; Walther, Stephan
Sep-2019An isogeometric mortar method for the coupling of multiple NURBS domains with optimal convergence ratesDornisch, Wolfgang; Stöckler, Joachim
Aug-2019On the solvability and iterative solution of algebraic flux correction problems for convection-reaction equationsLohmann, Christoph
Aug-2019A monolithic operator-adaptive Newton-Multigrid solver for Navier-Stokes Equations in 3DJendrny, Robert; Mierka, Otto; Münster, Raphael; Turek, Stefan
Jul-2019A-priori error analysis of local incremental minimization schemes for rate-independent evolutionsMeyer, Christian; Sievers, Michael
Jun-2019Monolithic convex limiting for continuous finite element discretizations of hyperbolic conservation lawsKuzmin, Dmitri
Jun-2019Limiting and divergence cleaning for continuous finite element discretizations of the MHD equationsKuzmin, Dmitri; Klyushnev, Nikita
Jun-2019Radiale BasisfunktionenKarras, Samuel; Linz, Lucia; Buchatz, David; Symann, Paul; Schulte Huxel, Linus; Dreyer, Philip Marten; Heise, Christopher; von Lehmden, Johann
Jun-2019Musik und MathematikSivalingam, Kiruththika; Kliewer, Viktoria; Köchling, Gerrit
Jun-2019PP-Löser für die Navier-Stokes GleichungHelmich, Thomas; Tiemann, Enno
Jun-2019A stabilized DG cut cell method for discretizing the linear transport equationEngwer, Christian; May, Sandra; Nüßing, Andreas; Streitbürger, Florian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 74