Authors: López Vizcaíno, Jorge
Title: Energy-efficient design of optical transport networks
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Energy efficiency is becoming a key factor in the design and operation of telecommunications networks as a way to reduce operational expenditures and the carbon footprint associated to telecom operators. This Ph.D. thesis evaluates and proposes novel energy-efficient approaches in three design areas of optical transport networks: (1) Network architectures and operation modes; (2) Resilience schemes; and (3) Optical amplifier placements. The solutions proposed in these areas are shown to significantly reduce the power consumption in realistic deployment scenarios and could be applied by telecom operators in the near and medium-term future to enhance the energy efficiency of optical transport networks.
Subject Headings: Energy-efficiency
Optical networks
Optical planning
Network design
Flexible-grid networks
Optical amplifiers
Network protection
Issue Date: 2016-12-01
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