Authors: Schorning, Kirsten
Dette, Holger
Kettelhake, Katrin
Möller, Tilman
Title: Optimal designs for enzyme inhibition kinetic models
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: In this paper we present a new method for determining optimal designs for enzyme inhibition kinetic models, which are used to model the influence of the concentration of a substrate and an inhibition on the velocity of a reaction. The approach uses a nonlinear transformation of the vector of predictors such that the model in the new coordinates is given by an incomplete response surface model. Although there exist no explicit solutions of the optimal design problem for incomplete response surface models so far, the corre- sponding design problem in the new coordinates is substantially more transparent, such that explicit or numerical solutions can be determined more easily. The designs for the original problem can finally be found by an inverse transformation of the optimal designs determined for the response surface model. We illustrate the method determining explicit solutions for the D-optimal design and for the optimal design problem for estimating the individual coefficients in a non-competitive enzyme inhibition kinetic model.
Subject Headings: modelling enzyme kinetics reactions
incomplete response surface models
D-optimal designs
optimal designs for individual coefficients
Issue Date: 2017
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