Authors: Blumenschein, Stefanie
Title: Application of organic solvent nanofiltration for multi-purpose production
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Due to increasing competitive pressure and a growing focus on environmentally friendly and sustainable production processes, energy-efficient and resource-saving processes are becoming more and more important. Organic solvent nanofiltration (OSN) is a relatively young membrane-based separation technology offering a high potential in process intensification compared to usual fluid separations. Despite the advantages application in industry still faces many challenges. The lack of predictability of separation performance of OSN membranes currently requires time-consuming, experiment-based process development. Contrarily, the pressure for accelerated process development is increasing, particularly in the specialty chemicals industry. In this work two different approaches are pursued to significantly accelerate the development of OSN processes. On the one hand, with regard to polymeric membranes a systematic investigation on the interactions between membrane, solvent and solute is carried out. From these results, an heuristic approach is developed which allows the identification of the best membrane for a given separation problem based on easily accessible or computable properties. Additionally, predictability and understanding of the complex separation performance is significantly improved. On the other hand, the separation behavior and the influence of diverse properties of ceramic membranes are investigated, in parallel to the development of new, narrow-pore separation layers for ceramic membranes, which are particularly suited to organic solvents. A transport model originally developed for aqueous nanofiltration is adapted and extended to an organic environment. The experimental results of rejection of the new membranes and the simulation are in very good accordance. Finally, the economic potential of organic solvent nanofiltration in a multi-purpose process environment is evaluated for a real production facility. Special terms and conditions in producing the high value and high purity substances, such as the application of a plant for several products at the same time with high yields and a good cleanability, are considered.
Subject Headings: Organic solvent nanofiltration
Membrane selection
Polymeric membranes
Ceramic membranes
Subject Headings (RSWK): Filtration
Issue Date: 2017
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