Authors: Yang, K.
Sapanathan, T.
Raoelison, R. N.
Buiron, N.
Rachik, M.
Title: Fully coupled semi-analytical model for an electromagnetic-mechanical-thermal problem of a ring expansion test
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: A fully coupled semi-analytical model is proposed for a ring expansion test. In this model, we consider the electromagnetic, mechanical and thermal effects. During the development, an ideal case of electromagnetic ring expansion test is modelled using both semi-analytical and finite element methods. The analytical model also includes the changes in electrical resistance, mutual inductance and self-inductance as a function of radius during the ring expansion. The development procedure is divided into four separate calculation parts. Each individual part is validated before making the independent validation of the semi-analytical method to obtain a model with high accuracy and a robust calculation speed. The final prediction using this model closely resemble with the coupled finite element predictions, and it can be further extended to exploit for an inverse identification problem.
Subject Headings: electromagnetic pulse forming
analytical modelling
material characterization
high strain rate
multiphysics coupling
Issue Date: 2018-05-14
Is part of: 8th International Conference on High Speed Forming
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