Authors: Hinker, Jonas
Wohlfahrt, Thomas
Mayorga Gonzalez, Daniel
Myrzik, Johanna Johanna
Dewing, Emily
Contreras Paredes, Sergia
Title: Adaptable energy systems integration by modular, standardized and scalable system architectures
Other Titles: necessities and prospects of any time transition
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Energy conversion and distribution of heat and electricity is characterized by long planning horizons, investment periods and depreciation times, and it is thus difficult to plan and tell the technology that optimally fits for decades. Uncertainties include future energy prices, applicable subsidies, regulation, and even the evolution of market designs. To achieve higher adaptability to arbitrary transition paths, a technical concept based on integrated energy systems is envisioned and described. The problem of intermediate steps of evolution is tackled by introducing a novel paradigm in urban infrastructure design. It builds on standardization, modularization and economies of scale for underlying conversion units. Building on conceptual arguments for such a platform, it is then argued how actors like (among others) municipalities and district heating system operators can use this as a practical starting point for a manageable and smooth transition towards more environmental friendly supply technologies, and to commit to their own pace of transition (bearable investment/risk). Merits are not only supported by technical arguments but also by strategical and societal prospects like technology neutrality and availability of real options.
Subject Headings: Energy infrastructure design
System architecture
Energy transition
District heating systems (DHS)
Energy hubs
Distributed multigeneration (DMG)
Multi-energy systems (MES)
Urban energy systems (UES)
Community energy
Societal prospects
Issue Date: 2018-03-07
Appears in Collections:Sonstige Veröffentlichungen (Institut für Energiesysteme, Energieeffizienz und Energiewirtschaft)

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