Authors: Anic, Iva
Apolonia, Ines
Franco, Pedro
Wichmann, Rolf
Title: Production of rhamnolipids by integrated foam adsorption in a bioreactor system
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Biosurfactants offer environmental as well as health benefits over traditionally used chemical surfactants and heterologous production from engineered microorganisms has been demonstrated, offering containable as well as scalable production of these alternative chemicals. Low product titers and cost intensive downstream processing are the main hurdles for economical biosurfactant production at industrial scales. Increased biosurfactant concentrations are found in the liquid fraction of the foam formed during fermentation of producing microbes. Adsorption of biosurfactants from foam fractions in cultivations may offer a simple concentration and purification method which could enable their cost-effective production. Here, foam adsorption was applied as an in situ method for separation of the rhamnolipid biosurfactants during fermentation of Pseudomonas putida EM383. An integrated process was designed to capture the produced rhamnolipids on hydrophobic adsorbent in packed bed units while minimizing the impact of adsorption on the productivity of the system by recirculating cell-containing collapsed foam flow-through back into the reactor vessel. A stable rhamnolipid production by P. putida EM383 on glucose was performed coupled to this adsorption strategy for 82 h, after which no remaining rhamnolipids were found in the cultivation broth and 15.5 g of rhamnolipids could be eluted from the adsorbent. Rhamnolipid yield from glucose feed was 0.05 g g−1, when up to 2 g L−1 glucose pulse feeding was applied. After solvent evaporation, a product purity of 96% was obtained. The results indicate that the integrated adsorption method can be efficient for simultaneous production and recovery of rhamnolipid biosurfactants from microbial fermentations.
Subject Headings: Biosurfactant
Foam fractionation
Foam adsorption
Integrated process
Process intensification
Subject Headings (RSWK): Grenzflächen
Issue Date: 2018-07-24
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