Lehrstuhl III Angewandte Mathematik und Numerik : [47]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Lagrangian simulation of fiber orientation dynamics using random walk methodsKuzmin, Dmitri; Ahmadi, Omid; Turek, Stefan
2023Efficient FEM simulation techniques for thixoviscoplastic flow problemsTurek, Stefan; Begum, Naheed; Sokolov, Andriy
2023-03-24Mathematical modeling of coolant flow in discontinuous drilling processes with temperature couplingFast, Michael; Mierka, Otto; Turek, Stefan; Wolf, Tobias; Biermann, Dirk
2023-05-31FEM simulation of thixo-viscoplastic flow problems: error analysisBegum, Naheed; Ouazzi, Abderrahim; Turek, Stefan
2023Stabilized discontinuous Galerkin methods for solving hyperbolic conservation laws on grids with embedded objectsMay, Sandra; Streitbürger, Florian; Turek, Stefan
2023An adaptive discrete Newton method for a regularization-free Bingham modelTurek, Stefan; Fatima, Arooj; Blum, Heribert
2023Mesh optimization based on a Neo-Hookean hyperelasticity modelTurek, Stefan; Schuh, Malte; Meyer, Christian
2022-05-06Very fast finite element Poisson solvers on lower precision accelerator hardware: A proof of concept study for Nvidia Tesla V100Ruda, Dustin; Turek, Stefan; Ribbrock, Dirk; Zajac, Peter
2022Algebraically constrained finite element methods for hyperbolic problems with applications in geophysics and gas dynamicsKuzmin, Dmitri; Hajduk, Hennes; Gassner, Gregor
2021-12-14Monolithic Newton-multigrid FEM for the simulation of thixotropic flow problemsBegum, Naheed; Ouazzi, Abderrahim; Turek, Stefan
2020Monolithic weighted least-squares finite element method for non-Newtonian fluids with non-isothermal effectsTurek, Stefan; Waseem, Muhammad; Kuzmin, Dmitri
2021-12-14A proof of concept for very fast finite element Poisson solvers on accelerator hardwareRuda, Dustin; Turek, Stefan; Ribbrock, Dirk; Zajac, Peter
2020Isogeometric analysis of Cahn-Hilliard phase field-based Binary-Fluid-Structure Interaction based on an ALE variational formulationTurek, Stefan; Sayyid Hosseini, Babak; Möller, Matthias
2021The Tensor Diffusion approach as a novel technique for simulating viscoelastic fluid flowsTurek, Stefan; Westervoß, Patrick; Kreuzer, Christian
2020-10-27Benchmarking and validation of a combined CFD-optics solver for micro-scale problemsMünster, Raphael; Mierka, Otto; Turek, Stefan; Weigel, Thomas; Ostendorf, Andreas
2018Efficient and robust monolithic finite element multilevel Krylov subspace solvers for the solution of stationary incompressible Navier-Stokes equationsTurek, Stefan; Ul Jabbar, Absaar; Blum, Heribert
2017Implementation of linear and non-linear elastic biphasic porous media problems into FEATFLOW and comparison with PANDASTurek, Stefan; Obaid, Abdulrahman Sadeq; Markert, Bernd
2016Efficient FEM solver for quasi-Newtonian flow problems with application to granular materialsTurek, Stefan; Mandal, Saptarshi; Richter, Thomas
2017Optimization-based finite element methods for evolving interfacesKuzmin, Dmitri; Basting, Christopher; Turek, Stefan
2016Nonlinear hyperelasticity-based mesh optimisationTurek, Stefan; Paul, Jordi; Meyer, Christian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 47