Authors: Ruda, Dustin
Turek, Stefan
Ribbrock, Dirk
Zajac, Peter
Title: A proof of concept for very fast finite element Poisson solvers on accelerator hardware
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: It is demonstrated that modern accelerator hardware specialized in AI, e.g., “next gen GPUs” equipped with Tensor Cores, can be profitably used in finite element simulations by means of a new hardware-oriented method to solve linear systems arising from Poisson's equation in 2D. We consider the NVIDIA Tesla V100 Tensor Core GPU with a peak performance of 125 TFLOP/s, that is only achievable in half precision and if operations with high arithmetic intensity, such as dense matrix multiplications, are executed, though. Its computing power can be exploited to a great extent by the new method based on “prehandling” without loss of accuracy. We obtain a significant reduction of computing time compared to a standard geometric multigrid solver on standard x64 hardware.
Issue Date: 2021-12-14
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