Authors: Tillmann, Wolfgang
Stangier, Dominic
Lopes Dias, Nelson Filipe
Gelinski, Nikolai
Stanko, Michael
Stommel, Markus
Krebs, Eugen
Biermann, Dirk
Title: Reduction of ejection forces in injection molding by applying mechanically post-treated CrN and CrAlN PVD films
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: In injection molding, the reduction of ejection forces is a process relevant aspect to improve the production rates. For this purpose, CrN and CrAlN films were sputtered on cylindrical and quadratic AISI H11 cores of an injection mold in order to investigate their influence on the resulting ejection forces to demold polypropylene test components. Within this context, the ejection forces of the PVD coated cores were compared to those of uncoated cores made of AISI H11. For both the cylindrical and quadratic cores, the as-deposited CrN and CrAlN films exhibit higher ejection forces than the uncoated cores due to the increase of the roughness profile after sputtering. It is known that the ejection forces are directly related to the surface roughness. In order to ensure comparable surface conditions to the uncoated surfaces, and to demonstrate the potential of PVD coated mold surfaces when reducing the ejection forces, the coated surfaces were mechanically post-treated to obtain a similar roughness profile as the uncoated cores. The combination of a PVD deposition and post-treatment ensures a significant reduction of the ejection forces by 22.6% and 23.7% for both core geometries.
Subject Headings: Injection molding
Ejection forces
Physical vapor deposition
Issue Date: 2019-10-15
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