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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-17Modification of 316L steel powders with bronze using high energy ball milling for use as a binder component in PBF-LB/M printing of diamond-metal matrix compositesTillmann, Wolfgang; Ferreira, Manuel Pinho
2023-08-29Investigation of the applicability of Cu–Fe–Mn–Ni based high entropy and compositionally complex alloys as metal matrix composites for cobalt free hot-pressed diamond toolsTimmer, Christian; Tillmann, Wolfgang; Wojarski, Lukas; Ferreira, Manuel Pinho
2022-07-12Microstructural and tribo-mechanical properties of arc-sprayed CoCr-based coatingsHagen, Leif; Paulus, Michael; Tillmann, Wolfgang
2022-08-31Characterization of the microstructure and thermomechanical properties of invar 36 coatings deposited by HVOF and cold gas processesTillmann, W.; Khalil, O.; Baumann, I.
2022-02-28An investigation of the influence of integration of steel heat treatment and brazing process on the microstructure and performance of vacuum-brazed cemented carbide/steel jointsTillmann, W.; Ulitzka, T.; Dahl, L.; Wojarski, L.; Ulitzka, H.
2022-04-12Statistical comparison of processing different powder feedstock in an HVOF thermal spray processTillmann, Wolfgang; Kuhnt, Sonja; Baumann, Ingor Theodor; Kalka, Arkadius; Becker-Emden, Eva-Christina; Brinkhoff, Alexander
2021-12-14Structure and tribo-mechanical properties of MoSx:N:Mo thin films synthesized by reactive dcMS/HiPIMSTillmann, Wolfgang; Wittig, Alexandra; Stangier, Dominic; Thomann, Carl Arne; Debus, Jörg; Aurich, Daniel; Brümmer, Andreas
2021-12-05Qualification of the low-pressure cold gas spraying for the additive manufacturing of copper-nickel-diamond grinding wheelsTillmann, Wolfgang; Zajaczkowski, Jonas; Baumann, Ingor; Kipp, Monika; Biermann, Dirk
2021-03-18Influence of direct splat-affecting parameters on the splat-type distribution, porosity, and density of segmentation Cracks in Plasma-Sprayed YSZ CoatingsTillmann, Wolfgang; Khalil, Omar; Baumann, Ingor
2021-04-23Internal diameter coating by warm spraying of fine WC-12Co powders (− 10 + 2 µm) with very short spray distances up to 10 mmBaumann, Ingor; Tillmann, Wolfgang; Schaak, Christopher Sven; Schmidt, Katharina; Zajaczkowski, Jonas; Schmidtmann, Gunnar; Götz, Matthäus; Luo, Weifeng
2022-01-23WC decomposition phenomena in ID-HVOF-sprayed WC-CoCr coatings using fine powder feedstockTillmann, Wolfgang; Hagen, Leif; Baumann, Ingor; Paulus, Michael
2021-12-27The effect of argon as atomization gas on the microstructure, machine hammer peening post-treatment, and corrosion behavior of twin wire arc sprayed (TWAS) ZnAl4 coatingsTillmann, Wolfgang; Abdulgader, Mohamed; Wirtz, Andreas; Milz, Michael P.; Biermann, Dirk; Walther, Frank
2021-12-06Heat treatment of binder jet printed 17–4 PH stainless steel for subsequent deposition of tribo-functional diamond-like carbon coatingsTillmann, Wolfgang; Lopes Dias, Nelson Filipe; Stangier, Dominic; Schaak, Christopher; Höges, Simon
2021-08-27Impact of tungsten incorporation on the tribomechanical behavior of AlCrWxSiN films at room and elevated temperatureTillmann, Wolfgang; Feher, Alexander; Stangier, Dominic
2020-09-25Effect of substrate pre-treatment on the low cycle fatigue performance of tungsten carbide-cobalt coated additive manufactured 316 L substratesTillmann, Wolfgang; Hagen, Leif; Garthe, Kai-Uwe; Hoyer, Kay-Peter; Schaper, Mirko
2021-03-01Investigation of joints from laser powder fusion processed and conventional material grades of 18MAR300 nickel maraging steelTillmann, Wolfgang; Wojarski, Lukas; Henning, Tim
2020-06-18TiAlN-Beschichtungen mittels hochenergetischer KathodenzerstaeubungTillmann, Wolfgang; Stangier, Dominic; Grisales, Diego
2020-08-07Adhesion of HVOF-sprayed WC-Co coatings on 316L substrates processed by SLMTillmann, Wolfgang; Hagen, Leif; Schaak, Christopher; Liß, J.; Schaper, M.; Hoyer, K.-P.; Aydinöz, M. E.; Garthe, K.-U.
2020-07-06Application of the eutectic high entropy alloy Nb0.73CoCrFeNi2.1 for high temperature jointsTillmann, Wolfgang; Wojarski, Lukas; Stangier, Dominic; Manka, Matthias; Timmer, Christian
2020-08-07Embedding behavior of ceramic particles in babbitt coatings and its effect on the tribological properties of low-pressure cold sprayed coatingsTillmann, Wolfgang; Abdulgader, Mohamed; Hagen, Leif; Hüning, Steffen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 37