Lehrstuhl für Werkstofftechnologie : [15]

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Nov-2019Investigation of the tribofilm formation of HiPIMS sputtered MoSx thin films in different environments by Raman scatteringTillmann, Wolfgang; Wittig, Alexandra; Stangier, Dominic; Thomann, Carl-Arne; Moldenhauer, Henning; Debus, Jörg; Aurich, Daniel; Brümmer, Andreas
11-Jul-2017Low cycle fatigue behaviour of DP steelsMoeini, Ghazal; Ramazani, Ali; Myslicki, Sebastian; Sundararaghavan, Veera; Könke, Carsten
15-Aug-2017Process parameter settings and their effect on the residual stresses in WC/W2C reinforced iron-based arc sprayed coatingsTillmann, Wolfgang; Hagen, Leif; Luo, Weifeng
28-Apr-2018Development of a constitutive model for friction in bulk metal formingLüchinger, Marco; Velkavrh, Igor; Kern, Kerstin; Baumgartner, Michael; Klien, Stefan; Diem, Alexander; Schreiner, Michael; Tillmann, Wolfgang
29-Dec-2018Temperature-induced formation of lubricous oxides in vanadium containing iron-based arc sprayed coatingsTillmann, Wolfgang; Hagen, Leif; Kokalj, David; Paulus, Michael; Tolan, Metin
15-Oct-2019Reduction of ejection forces in injection molding by applying mechanically post-treated CrN and CrAlN PVD filmsTillmann, Wolfgang; Stangier, Dominic; Lopes Dias, Nelson Filipe; Gelinski, Nikolai; Stanko, Michael; Stommel, Markus; Krebs, Eugen; Biermann, Dirk
17-Sep-2019Tribological performance of PVD film systems against plastic counterparts for adhesion-reducing application in injection moldsTillmann, Wolfgang; Lopes Dias, Nelson Filipe; Stangier, Dominic; Gelinski, Nikolai
24-Sep-2019Porosity characterization and its effect on thermal properties of APS-sprayed alumina coatingsTillmann, Wolfgang; Khalil, Omar; Abdulgader, Mohamed
24-Sep-2019Combining thermal spraying and magnetron sputtering for the development of Ni/Ni-20Cr thin film thermocouples for plastic flat film extrusion processesTillmann, Wolfgang; Kokalj, David; Stangier, Dominic; Schöppner, Volker; Malatyali, Hatice
15-Aug-2019Tribomechanical behaviour of TiAlN and CrAlN coatings deposited onto AISI H11 with different pre-treatmentsTillmann, Wolfgang; Grisales, Diego; Stangier, Dominic; Butzke, Timo
3-Aug-2019Effects of AlN and BCN thin film multilayer design on the reaction time of Ni/Ni-20Cr thin film thermocouples on thermally sprayed Al2O3Tillmann, Wolfgang; Kokalj, David; Stangier, Dominic; Schöppner, Volker; Malatyali, Hatice
20-Feb-2019Influences of substrate pretreatments and Ti/Cr interlayers on the adhesion and hardness of CrAlSiN and TiAlSiN films deposited on Al2O3 and ZrO2-8Y2O3 thermal barrier coatingsTillmann, Wolfgang; Fehr, Alexander; Stangier, Dominic; Dildrop, Markus
2017Die elektrische Widerstandsmessung zur zerstörungsfreien Prüfung von Lötnähten am Beispiel von Hartmetall‐Stahl‐VerbundenTillmann, Wolfgang; Sievers, Norman; Bobzin, Kirsten
17-Jun-2011Konturgenaue Bauteilbeschichtung für den Verschleißschutz mittels atmosphärischen Plasmaspritzens und LichtbogenspritzensTillmann, Wolfgang; Krebs, Benjamin; Kuhlenkötter, Bernd
13-Jul-2000Anwendung von Zink-Nickel-Legierungen als Kadmiumersatz zum Korrosionsschutz hochfester StähleGysen, Bert
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15