Authors: Baumann, Ingor
Tillmann, Wolfgang
Schaak, Christopher Sven
Schmidt, Katharina
Zajaczkowski, Jonas
Schmidtmann, Gunnar
Götz, Matthäus
Luo, Weifeng
Title: Internal diameter coating by warm spraying of fine WC-12Co powders (− 10 + 2 µm) with very short spray distances up to 10 mm
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: The internal diameter (ID) coating by means of thermal spraying is currently experiencing growing interest in science and industry. In contrast to the well-established plasma- and arc-based spray techniques, there is a lack of knowledge concerning kinetic processes such as HVOF, HVAF and warm spray (WS). A major challenge represents the necessity of short spray distances and the compact design of novel ID spray guns with reduced combustion power. Conventional WC-Co powders (− 45 + 15 µm) are not able to achieve a sufficient heat and momentum transfer. The use of fine powders < 15 µm offers an approach to overcome this drawback as they feature a larger surface-to-volume ratio and a lower mass. However, the processing of fine powders requires suitable spray equipment and a sensitive parameter adjustment. In this study, warm spraying of fine WC-12Co powders (− 10 + 2 µm) with a novel ID spray gun (HVOF + N2) “ID RED” (Thermico Engineering GmbH, Germany) was investigated. First, the flame profile as well as the in-flight behavior of the particles along the spray jet (spray distances SD = 10-80 mm) was analyzed at different nitrogen flows NF = 15-115 L/min to find suitable spray parameter intervals. Subsequently, planar steel samples were coated with SD = 10-50 mm and constant NF = 90 L/min. Analyses regarding the microstructure, the mechanical properties and the phase evolution of the coatings were performed. The aim was to study spraying with the novel ID gun and to scrutinize shortest feasible spray distances. Finally, steel tubes (internal diameter of 81.6 mm and a wall thickness of 10.0 mm) were coated with SD = 20 mm and NF = 90 L/min to investigate in how far the results can be transferred to ID parts. Correlations between the particle behavior, the microstructure and the coating properties were made.
Subject Headings: Fine powders
Internal diameter (ID) coating
Nitrogen flow
Particle behavior
Spray distance
Warm spray
Subject Headings (RSWK): Beschichten
Thermisches Spritzen
Issue Date: 2021-04-23
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