Authors: Tillmann, Wolfgang
Wittig, Alexandra
Stangier, Dominic
Thomann, Carl Arne
Debus, Jörg
Aurich, Daniel
Brümmer, Andreas
Title: Structure and tribo-mechanical properties of MoSx:N:Mo thin films synthesized by reactive dcMS/HiPIMS
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Modifying MoS2 thin films by additional elements shows great potential in order to adjust the property profile and to meet the increasing requirements regarding high wear resistance and low friction properties of industrial components. Within that context, MoSx:N:Mo thin films were deposited by a reactive hybrid dcMS/HiPIMS process. By systematically increasing the Mo target cathode power, an investigation of the structural and the mechanical properties was conducted to understand the evolution of the tribological behavior. A low Mo target cathode power of 1 kW is related to the formation of the preferential (002) MoS2 basal-plane and thus a low friction with µ = 0.2. With an increasing amount of Mo, the film loses its solid lubricant MoS2 properties and a nitride constitution of the thin film is developing due to the formation of crystalline Mo and MoN phases. Related to this transformation, the hardness and elastic modulus are increased, but the adhesion and the tribological properties are impaired. The film loses its plasticity and the generated film material is directly removed from the contact area during the sliding contact.
Subject Headings: Element modification
Friction behavior
Reactive dcMS/HiPIMS
Subject Headings (RSWK): Molybdänsulfide
Dünne Schicht
Issue Date: 2021-12-14
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