Authors: Riedel, Natalie
Köckler, Heike
Schreiner, Joachim
van Kamp, Irene
Erbel, Raimund
Loerbroeks, Adrian
Claßen, Thomas
Bolte, Gabriele
Title: Home as a place of noise control for the elderly?
Other Titles: A cross-sectional study on potential mediating effects and associations between road traffic noise exposure, access to a quiet side, dwelling-related green and noise annoyance
Language (ISO): en
Abstract: Urban residents’ need to be in control of their home environment can be constrained by perceived uncontrollability of exposure to road traffic noise. Noise annoyance may indicate a psychological stress reaction due to this uncontrollability perception, thereby undermining the restoration process. Environmental resources, such as having access to a quiet side at home and dwelling-related green, may reduce noise annoyance both directly by shielding acoustically and indirectly by enhancing residents’ perceived noise control. We assessed the potential mediating role of perceived noise control in independent and joint associations of road traffic noise exposure (>65 dB Lden) and of an absent dwelling-related environmental resource (three indicators concerning quiet sides and one indicator concerning dwelling-related green) with noise annoyance. In our cross-sectional, questionnaire-based study on elderly urban citizens (N = 1812), we observed a statistically significant indirect effect of noise exposure on noise annoyance through perceived noise control (39%, 95%CI 26–55%). Statistical mediation between indicators of absent environmental resources and noise annoyance was weaker. The potential indirect effect was confirmed for combinations of noise exposure with each of the four indicators of an absent environmental resource. Our findings may call for mitigating noise levels while fostering quietness and green at residents’ homes.
Subject Headings: Noise annoyance
Perceived noise control
Road traffic noise exposure
Quiet side
Dwelling-related green
Mediation analysis
Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study
Subject Headings (RSWK): Lärmbelastung
Issue Date: 2018-05-21
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